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courses are designed to give you the highly technical skills you will need to work within this fast moving world and prove you have the skills employers are looking for. Our specialist range of IT courses will enable you to gain skills which are widely sought by employers, so your CV will stand out and you can get the job you really want.


Hyper Text Markup Language. The core language of the world wide web that is used to define the structure and layout of web pages by using various tags and attributes. Although a fundamental language of the web, HTML is static - content created with it does not change. HTML is used to specify the content a webpage will contain, not how the page functions. Learn HTML at our HTML tutorials class.


Extensible Markup Language. A language developed by the W3C which works like HTML, but unlike HTML, allows for custom tags that are defined by programmers. XML allows for the transmission of data between applications and organizations through the use of its custom tags.


A language developed by Netscape used to provide dynamic and interactive content on webpages. With Javascript it is possible to communicate with HTML, create animations, create calculators, validate forms, and more. Javascript is often confused with Java, but they are two different languages. Learn Javascript at our Javascript tutorials section


SQL can execute queries against a database, retrieve data from a database,insert records in a database, update records in a database,delete records from a database,create new databases,create new tables in a database,create stored procedures in a database,views in a database,set permissions on tables, procedures, and views


.A powerful and flexible language created by Sun MicroSystems that can be used to create applets (a program that is executed from within another program) that run inside webpages as well as software applications. Things you can do with Java include interacting with the user, creating graphical programs, reading from files, and more. Java is often confused with Javascript, but they are two different languages. Learn Java at our Java tutorials class.


Hypertext Preprocessor (it's a recursive acronym). A powerful language used for many tasks such as data encryption, database access, and form validation. PHP was originally created in 1994 By Rasmus Lerdorf. Learn PHP at our PHP tutorials class


Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android's user interface is mainly based on direct manipulation, using touch gestures that loosely correspond to real-world actions, such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along with a virtual keyboard for text input. In addition to touchscreen devices, Google has further developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras, and other electronics


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets,describes how HTML elements are to be displayed on screen, paper, or in other media,saves a lot of work. It can control the layout of multiple web pages all at once ,External stylesheets are stored in CSS files.CSS is used to define styles for your web pages, including the design, layout and variations in display for different devices and screen sizes.



This program is completely an activity based process for Engineers. This will enhance their skill in all the areas so that they can compete in any National or International Competition. It will help them in their studies, and also making their final year project, face any type of interviews where practical aspects are questioned. The program makes them Technology competent. Once they learn the basics perfectly they can easily implement their ideas to build their own application in the real world.


The workshop provided by SIMTION TECH PVT LTD is very helpful the students who wants to learn. our aspects is to teach from basic to the highly reliable programmer. our live projects workshop teaches you to manage and enquire the real empworement. this workshop is scheduled for the students who are lean learner want to expertise in our respective field, want to be clear our doubts. The assirity given by us this workshop makes you the perfect rather then you think.

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